I did it to myself

I Did It To Myself

It’s amazing how that inner voice in our head, our self talk, changes the way we feel. We can bring our mood down by old painful memories regurgitating in our head.

There I was having a perfectly nice day when my task to take the old car for trade-in totally changed my mood. As I was driving the car along I went over the good old days; the happy memories of family outings and celebrations. Soon to follow came the not so good old days such as where the car had been used for funerals (where my brain branched off into memories of loved ones). I could actually see events unfold in my mind’s eye. Reminiscing brought my mood down; feeling tearful. “This has been such an old faithful car” echoed in my mind.

Wait a minute! STOP RIGHT THERE! IT’S A CAR!!!!

I actually found the experience amusing on reflection. Why would I do that to myself?

The positive thing about it is that although sentimentality brought my mood down I was able to see the funny side and change my inner dialogue to a more positive one… after all we were getting a new car! 

Moral of the story; just as negative thoughts can pull you down, so too can happy and positive thoughts lighten your mood. When you find yourself going down the low road try to divert to a road with a better view.

Happy Weekend folks.

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