Check Into Your SELF

Life can sometimes get so busy that we forget to look after ourselves. One day runs into another and we just keep ticking off the things on our ‘to do’ list without taking the time to stop, take a breath and check into our SELF.

It is so important to develop a sense of SELF that will allow us to just ‘check in’. Don’t ignore the feelings, the tension, the rushed thought processes. Take the time to ‘check in’ and take a moment to breeeeaaaaath.

Five minutes of ‘check in’, at least every couple of hours, allows our brains to put information into long term memory, focus more clearly and this helps us to be even more effective. Five minutes of ‘check in’, at least every couple of hours helps our stamina levels. Try to avoid burn out before it even starts.

Look after yourselves in this busy world folks!

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