Gloomy Winter Days

Do you ever find days where you just feel uber sensitive? On these days our sense of self can feel really vulunerable and open to hurtful feelings. “Is it just co-incidence or is everybody having a go at me today”?
For sure, for some people, seasonal influences can affect how we are responding to people. The dark, cold days after Christmas and the party season when both payday and sunshine seems far, far away.
Some of us are good at being able to look forward to more positive times but for those of us who suffer from low mood anyway it can be a real challenge to put a positive slant on things.
Our self-talk is important on these days! Someone else saying something like “turn that frown upside down” would feel like ridiculous but, as hard as it may seem, we can use our self-talk to help.
Just a few things that might help:
* Try writing down the things that you have to look forward to – no matter how small. It helps to say them out loud (honestly!).
* Go out for a walk in the cold elements and soak up the feeling of how nice it is to get back indoors into the warmth (get as much natural sunlight as you can on these dreary days!)
* Treat yourself to a soak in the bath with some up beat music on in the background
* Phone or meet up with a trusty friend; one who you can have a good moan at and not feel judged
* Surround yourself with positive people as much as you can
* Keep reminding yourself that we all (EVERYONE) feel vulnerable from time to time …….it’s not just YOU.
Here’s to payday and sunshine folks!! ……

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