Counselling and/or Psychotherapy; what is the difference?

It is difficult to distinguish between counselling and psychotherapy but, generally speaking, counselling usually refers to a brief treatment that centres around behavioural patterns whereas psychotherapy involves working with clients for a longer term and draws on insight into emotional problems and difficulties. I consider my work to involve both counselling, where I may provide a structure to the session/s and psychotherapy where we focus on a deeper awareness of emotional issues and look at the foundation of the problem. In our work together I will help you to explore thoughts, feelings, anxieties and fears.

My work is not about advising or judging you but to encourage you to explore options thoughts and feelings in a caring and accepting environment. Therapy can help you to find ways of coping with the challenges and problems in your life, helping you to live your life more effectively and enjoyably.

During our sessions you may feel that you present with a specific issue however you may find that, through exploration, other underlying issues arise which are affecting your total well-being. The amount of sessions you participate in is entirely your decision. Counselling and Psychotherapy works for people in different ways. Some clients progress with only a few sessions knowing that they have to scope to return if necessary whilst others engage with therapy in the longer term.

Our work can help you to deal with issues such as:

  • personal development
  • stress management
  • anger
  • bereavement/loss
  • family and relationship difficulties
  • coping with crisis
  • life transitions
  • low mood/depression
  • anxiety and/or panic
  • abuse or bullying
  • alcohol or drug problems
  • issues from childhood
  • feelings of suicide/self-harm
  • low self-confidence
  • assertiveness
  • work or career related issues
  • separation/divorce
  • identity problems
  • health related issues
  • disability
  • supporting your disabled loved one
  • abusive relationships
  • parenting

I also have experience in helping people who are facing their own mortality including elderly clients and those who are terminally ill.