Entries by Susan Chambers-Downie

Not good enough?

Very interesting article for those of us who have the ‘not good enough’ self persistently demeaning our ‘successful self’. It’s all about ‘self talk’ people! Be kind to yourself and give yourself credit where credit is due. Who or what was the implementer of such negative self doubt? Find that out and constantly challenge it […]

The wonder of pets

For me (and for many people), one of the greatest tools to combat stress is having an animal. It’s just amazing how purely by stroking your pet, coorying in for a cuddle, swiftly lowers respirations and heart rate. If we are feeling alone with our emotions our animals can offer companionship too. Nowadays some pets […]

Family, friends, community

I’ve been delivering relationship training over the last couple of weeks and it has really compounded my belief in how important it is to nurture our relationships. By default we are social beings. We have evolved through working together in groups. We need each other. The importance of nurturing our relationships cannot be emphasised enough […]

I Did It To Myself

It’s amazing how that inner voice in our head, our self talk, changes the way we feel. We can bring our mood down by old painful memories regurgitating in our head. There I was having a perfectly nice day when my task to take the old car for trade-in totally changed my mood. As I […]

Soothing the pain

“Life is slippery – take my hand” (Jackson Brown). From time to time those of us that are in meaningful relationships with others forget how lucky that we are. There is much scientific evidence to prove that brain activity differs when we are in close contact with someone that we love. This suggests that human […]

Gloomy Winter Days

Do you ever find days where you just feel uber sensitive? On these days our sense of self can feel really vulunerable and open to hurtful feelings. “Is it just co-incidence or is everybody having a go at me today”? For sure, for some people, seasonal influences can affect how we are responding to people. […]

New Year – New You?

So here we are at 5th January in our brand spanking new year of 2016. For many people this is the time for resolutions, for new beginnings and fresh starts. Of course, anything new brings with it a challenge. How many of us don’t even try because we are sitting nicely in our comfort zone? […]


It’s amazing how the body reacts to the stress of finding our way around technology in the same manner as it does if a tiger were to jump out at you. To lose a document or to experience an important email going awry can trigger exactly the same physiological reaction. The part of the brain that is […]

Check Into Your SELF

Life can sometimes get so busy that we forget to look after ourselves. One day runs into another and we just keep ticking off the things on our ‘to do’ list without taking the time to stop, take a breath and check into our SELF.